hello, everyone!

i just wanted to say that i’m really really happy that i get to be invited to this super-shindig~ U w U

so, since i wanted to contribute, i give you this along with some headcanons!

  • mitch is the “choding”, which is like an elementary school kid type~ U w U
  • deluxe pizza is the “old-young one”. he looks like 25 or something but he’s actually 18. :/
  • nat’s just nat idek. i couldn’t decide if he should be the byuntae instead if that’s a thing? he could be the “sexy leader”~
  • rave looks so unamused. that’s because he is truly the “serious/grumpy one”
  • sam is the “maknae”, or the youngest! more aegyou for this cutie~~
  • joshua ended up being the “byuntae”, which is to say the pervert. U///U dang, boy. i think you’re really only a perv for sam tho~~
  • maelstrom is the “bad boy”, i guess. like, on stage, but he’s a dork when you get to know him apparently, so…

/shrugs to the skies

there you go? i hope it was good U w U

Mitch Owens and Deluxe Pizza—jay-song
Nat Goldberg—c2ndy2c1d
James Rave—kirakurry
Sam Owensby—steeveay
Joshua O’ Hare—salemintheworks
Maelstrom Taylor—psych0-olll3city

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